CBS Library

Introduction to the CBS Library

The Congregation Beth Shalom Library is a great resource and a great value for our community. We offer a full range of in-depth Judaic materials such as scholarly material, pleasure reading, religious guidebooks, and materials offering spiritual inspiration. We save time and money by helping people obtain materials they need to connect with Judaism intellectually and spiritually. There are books that can help students complete research for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah or their school assignments. We help families pass the joy of Judaism on to their children through literature that creates warm family memories. Our library is a treasure of over 1500 volumes ready and waiting for usage by the congregation and the community.

Non-fiction books are on the right side of the library. Books are organized as follows:

001-099 Bible and Biblical Studies

100-199 Classical Judaica: Halakhah and Midrash

200-299 Jewish Observance and Practice

300-399 Jewish Education

400-499 Hebrew, Jewish Languages, and Sciences

500-599 Jewish Literature

600-699 The Jewish Community: Society and the Arts (including cookbooks)

700-799 Jewish History, Geography, Biography

800-899 Israel and Zionism

900-999 General Works (Encyclopedias)

Fiction books are on the left side of the library and are organized by author’s last name.

Children’s books are behind the accordion wall. They may be borrowed but must be returned. There are lovely new stories to be read to children or read by children.

The library is on the honor system. To check out a book, fill out the book card and put it in the purple box on Robin’s desk. Please write your name, phone number, and the date on the card. Books may be checked out for up to one month.

Come check us out!

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