High Holy Days

Welcome to Congregation Beth Shalom’s Virtual High Holy Days

Congregation Beth Shalom is an active, participatory, egalitarian, Conservative synagogue serving the Jewish community of Santa Clarita Valley. Our synagogue community embraces people of diverse backgrounds and experiences, who are united in their commitment to the study of Torah, the pursuit of mitzvot and deeds of loving kindness, spirited prayer, and support for Jews throughout the world. Now, more than ever, our mission and values are needed. Our commitment to ensuring our doors remain “open” to serve all, will continue to guide us as we navigate these times.

Rabbi Jay Siegel

Jewish Values

  • Pikuah Nefesh – “Safeguarding Life” which supersedes most other obligations or mitzvot),
  • Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Bazeh – “We Are Responsible for One Another”, acting in ways in which members of our CBS Community do not feel discriminated against or unduly disadvantaged based on their health needs, and giving


  • As our spiritual leader and mara d’atra (religious leader) of Congregation Beth Shalom, Rabbi Siegel  has been in consultation with the local and international Rabbinical Assembly, clergy peers, and our Ritual Leadership Team.

High Holy Days Schedule 5782/2021

The services marked with an asterisk (*) will be held behind the Arco station at Valencia and Bouquet Cyn Rd

Rosh Hashanah

Evening ServiceMonday, September 6th7:30pm
Morning ServiceTuesday, September 7th9:30am
Tashlich*Tuesday, September 7th3:00pm
Evening ServiceTuesday, September 7th630pm
Morning ServiceWednesday, September 8th9:30am

Yom Kippur

Kol NidreWednesday, September 15th7:00pm
Morning ServiceThursday, September 16th9:30pm


Erev SukkotMonday, September 20th6:30pm
1st Day of SukkotTuesday, September 21st9:30am
Sukkot Under The StarsFriday, September 24th6:00pm

Shemini Atzeret

Morning Service w/Yizkor Tuesday, September 28th9:30am

Simchat Torah

Evening ServiceTuesday, September 28th6:30pm
Morning ServiceWednesday, September 29th9:30pm


How can we make a statement this year?

We are committed to offering a high quality, meaningful holiday experience for our CBS Community and guests this year under extraordinary circumstances. Support, financial and personal, of our the synagogue’s activities year-round will make ensure we will still be here for High Holidays 5782, and well beyond. We hope that you view your support as an investment in our CBS community and family.

What can I do as part of CBS's Community to help make High Holy Days 5782 a new beginning?

  • Support our decision and plans for observing the holidays together as a community.
  • Offer your time to help with services, education sessions, activities, enhanced programming ideas.
  • Be sure your CBS membership is current to receive access to High Holiday services and programs.
  • Continue to read communications regarding High Holidays via emails, weekly blasts website, and CBS’s Facebook.
  • Reach out and wish those in our community a Happy New Year
  • Embrace a new High Holiday experience with family and friends.