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Shana Tova, Happy New Year! In addition to this known greeting, we often add “May you be inscribed and sealed, immediately, for a good life and for peace.” This statement is much more than a greeting, it is a blessing. The New Year has arrived and we offer blessings of life and peace to those we share our lives with. In fact, it is a requirement for people to say at least one hundred blessings each day! (Orach Chaim 46:3) As we enter into this New Year with its spirit of change and hopes of renewal, set aside time and energy to bless those in your life. Pull aside your loved ones and express your gratitude for the chance to share this life with them.  The goal is to do this often and every day. If we do this simple, spiritual action imagine where we will be a year from now. I offer blessings for a good life and for peace, and I am grateful to share this New Year with you.

Rabbi Siegel

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