CBS Film Series Presents Lost Town

CBS Film Series presents Lost Town

Lost Town tells the story of one man’s obsessive search to get closer to his father by uncovering the story of his family and their hometown. First made famous by the book and the movie “Everything Is Illuminated,” Trochenbrod was once a thriving town in the Ukraine. It was the only all Jewish town to ever exist outside of Palestine with a population of 5,000, yet it vanished off the map without a trace that it ever existed. An unfortunate tale with an uplifting celebration, the investigation triggers a resurgence of interest in the town and reconnects the few remaining survivors who hadn’t seen each other in over 60 years. This important film chronicles the life and “rebirth” of the town of Trochenbrod. An absolute must see film!

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Sunday, April 15 @ 11:30 a.m.

$5 per ticket includes Lunch & Popcorn

RSVP (661) 254-2411


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